April 2014

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April 2014
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Written On Our Hearts: Empowering the Students of Louverture Cleary

By Thomas Cody (THP Volunteer)

Mrs. Christina Moynihan reads aloud from a Kreyol Bible with Jean Widler
as class listens intently.

      Christina Moynihan began teaching Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body at Louverture Cleary School (LCS) in 2010.  For Mrs. Moynihan, John Paul the Great’s study on human sexuality and God’s purpose for us is essential to their formation as Louverturians, as young people prepared to change Haiti.  “If we want them to be soldiers for Christ, they need the vocabulary and the tools.  In Theology of the Body, it’s all there for them,” she explained.



The Flock Increases: On the Sunday following Easter, The Haitian Project (THP) looks forward to welcoming Amanda Gaal, In-Country Coordinator of Community Development, into the Church as she receives the Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults at Providence College on April 27th.  Timothy and Marianna Moynihan, children of THP President, Deacon Patrick and Christina Moynihan and students at Louverture Cleary School (LCS), will receive the sacrament of Confirmation.  Gaal is in her third year of service at LCS, during which time she heard the call to convert to the Catholic faith.   Bishop Tobin, Diocese of Providence will be the celebrant.


Welcome (Back), Kaitlyn

By Colby Bowker (VP and Chief Communications Officer)

Kaitlyn Guzik, Director of Community Development, introduces Christina Moynihan,
LCS Director of Community Outreach, at a presentation for St. Margaret's School in Rumford, RI.

After serving a year as a Volunteer, followed by six months as the In-Country Coordinator for Community Development and Dean of Students, Kaitlyn Guzik has joined the U.S. staff as our new Director of Community Development.


Quiet Witness: Remembering Arthur McNeill

By HPN Staff

Arthur McNeill

      Exemplifying the Greatest Generation, Arthur McNeill (1929-2013) was a civil servant and veteran who lived modestly and gave generously of his time and his savings.  He became a benefactor of The Haitian Project (THP) after reading about THP President, Deacon Patrick Moynihan in Brown Alumni Magazine in the May/June edition of 2010.


Easter People

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan (THP President)

      Louverture Cleary School is constantly rising, making Easter easy to observe at LCS. Lent is harder.  With such vibrant, hopeful and gifted workers, it is tough to slow down and reflect that we will not always succeed by winning.  Sometimes, progress may require suffering, even losing. That sobering thought is tough for young people, who are full of hope, to consider. But, we cannot forget that it is by dying and rising that Christ paid our debt.  

      Our students are optimistic, willing to ensure that the salvific message has impact here and now--for everyone. The Gospel motivates them to spread its good news and to work to make it a reality for others. They know far too many children in Haiti do not have access to education; they want to change that forever. But, they realize that it will take time, policy changes and economic growth to make that happen.

      In the meantime, they are using their education to illuminate the way for others. They are a people on the rise; no wonder it is so easy to celebrate Easter at LCS.


The Change You wish to See

By Tara Kingsley (THP Volunteer)

Myriam Jean Baptiste (LCS' 10) teaches French to the children in the Koukouy progam.

      Like all Louverturians, 2010 Louverture Cleary School (LCS) alumna, Myriam Jean Baptiste believes in the transformative power of education. Jean Baptiste’s convictions run so deep that they led her to pursue a degree in Education Sciences and Language at Haiti’s Université Quisqueya in order to become a teacher and, one day, direct a school like LCS.


Art of Perception

by Tim Scordato

Elissa Kergosien, Volunteer alumna (2009-2011)

Editor’s note:  Elissa Kergosien was the Lead Volunteer and in Haiti on January 12th, 2010 when the 7.0 earthquake struck south of Port au Prince.  THP President, Deacon Patrick Moynihan noted: “I’ll never be able to thank Elissa enough for her tremendous leadership at the moment of the earthquake.  While it was a difficult three days that it took me to get back into the country, I was confident in Elissa’s leadership at all times.”


Volunteer View: Andrew Hyrcza

Volunteer Andrew Hyrcza teaches Twazyem (U.S. 10th grade) student
Raphael Cooper Derrick, Jr., as they work on a Microsoft Word tutorial together.

      “Call me Mr. Hyrcza.”

      I will never forget the students’ reaction the first time I announced my name.  It marked a surreal moment of change.  In that instant I felt the weight of transition from student to teacher.  No longer at University of Notre Dame, I am at Louverture Cleary School teaching Rheto (U.S. 12th Grade) English, Twazyem (U.S. 10th Grade) Computers, and Philo (senior +1) Sport.


Student View: Raphael Cooper Derrick Jr.


      My name is Raphael Cooper Derrick Junior and I am 16.  I would like to be a great leader of change in Haiti.  I am always thinking about a better way of living for people around me.  I really like living at LCS because it is a great opportunity.  It is important for me to have an education.

      I know that because of being a Louverturian, my life will not always be easy, but I am proud of being a Louverturian.  I always thank God for giving me the opportunity to grow as a leader of change for Haiti.


Grassroots Support

By Kaitlyn Guzik (Director of Community Development)

Holy Family parishioner Arthur Alves Souza celebrated his 10th birthday
with a costume party in March.  In lieu of gifts, Arthur and his parents, 
Cloves and Sarita Silva Souza, requested that contributions be made to The Haitian Project.

      Less than one year after current Volunteer, Natàlia Soares introduced her home parish to The Haitian Project (THP), the Brazilian community at Holy Family Parish in Lowell, MA, has raised over $5,000.00 on behalf of THP and its Louverture Cleary School (LCS).