Big Support from the Bay

Newsletter issue: 
June 2014
News item date: 
Thursday, July 10, 2014

By Mary Jo LeGrand

Erin and Patrick McCorry (Volunteer '00-'01) with their son, Charlie

    Patrick McCorry began his relationship with The Haitian Project (THP) as a Volunteer at Louverture Cleary School (LCS) in 2000-2001. A graduate of Notre Dame, McCorry brought to Haiti an excellent knowledge of French and a steady, calm demeanor, which served him well in his role as Lead Volunteer. Now, more than a decade later, McCorry wants to ensure that more students can benefit from the education that LCS provides.

    McCorry and his wife Erin, along with their two-year-old son, Charlie, live in Oakland, CA. While he is no longer teaching literary classics to students in an LCS classroom or leading his fellow volunteers by being the first one to pick up a shovel for a work project, Patrick is teaching and leading in new ways. He is using his current place in life for the good of others, namely, through his work at TripAdvisor and his serving on the Development Committee of the THP Board of Directors. 

    Over the past three years, McCorry has been able to secure $200,000 from TripAdvisor’s charitable foundation. The funds will be used for THP’s general food fund and scholarship program. Colby Bowker, THP Vice President and Chief Communications Officer commented, “Patrick went above and beyond in his efforts to help us secure a major grant from his employer for two years running. We are grateful to have Patrick standing with us – his confidence in our mission is evident in his tremendous advocacy on our behalf.” McCorry is hopeful the grant will be renewed next year as well. 

    At Louverture Cleary, McCorry was deeply respected as a man of compassion and intelligence. Deacon Patrick Moynihan, President of THP, describes his commitment to THP well; “Patrick McCorry is an excellent example of why current and former Volunteers are integral to the success of our mission and the growth of Louverture Cleary. Patrick has evolved from a great classroom teacher into an amazing advocate willing to find support for THP among family, friends and colleagues.”