December 2013

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December 2013
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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Giving Freely

By Andrew Hyrca (THP Volunteer)

Philo (senior +1) student Lovely Joseph cleans up the roadside with Netwayaj Deyo.

The bell rings at 3:30 p.m. to end the school day, yet the students of Louverture Cleary School (LCS) continue working.  Most will help clean the campus; others will clear trash in zone (neighborhood)Still others clad in matching white t-shirts head to the back basketball court to tutor zone residents.  In this way, LCS students live out The Haitian Project’s (THP) motto of, “What you receive for free, you must give for free.” (Mt 10:8)



The Results Are In:

The Haitian Project (THP) and its Louverture Cleary School (LCS) are proud to have had another year of success with the Baccalaureate (Haiti’s national exam).  LCS’s cumulative Bacc I and Bacc II pass rate is four times higher than the national rate.  Thanks to the hard work of LCS’s 2013 graduates, LCS’s historical pass rate remains over 98%.  LCS Principal, Marjorie Mombrun, commented, “I am proud of the students who passed.  However, I am not completely satisfied.  I would like to see 100%.  I know that this year’s Philo (senior plus one) class can do it.” 


Recognizing the Value of Education:

The Haitian Project (THP) co-hosted an evening gala with Brown University’s Alpert Medical School on October 12th.  Over 150 people convened in Providence for the event which concluded Alpert’s annual Pediatric Global Health Conference.  Proceeds from the event supported THP and Hôpital St. Damien, a pediatric hospital in Haiti.  THP presented the Cleary award to Dr. Ed Wing, former Dean of Alpert, for his role in establishing the Brown-Haiti Medical Exchange – which has provided professional development opportunities for Louverture Cleary School (LCS) graduates, including Dr. Théony Deshommes who spoke at the event.

Continuing a Theme:

Dr. Théony Deshommes (LCS ‘03) spent four weeks at Brown University’s Alpert Medical School in October, courtesy of the Brown-Haiti Medical Exchange.  During Deshommes’ stay in Providence, he participated in rounds at Hasbro Children’s Hospital and other Providence-area hospitals.  The Exchange has provided excellent professional development opportunities for LCS graduates who have completed their medical training in Haiti.  Two years ago, Nelly Drouinaud (LCS ’05) participated in the exchange program.  In 2011, (then Alpert student) Dr. Nick Carter served as a THP Volunteer while serving his residency at Hôpital St. Damien, a pediatric hospital near LCS.


Promoting from Within

By Kaitlyn Guzik (In-country Coordinator of Community Development)

Principal Marjorie Mombrun teaches religion to Senkyem (8th grade) students.

During her years as a student at The Haitian Project’s (THP) Louverture Cleary School (LCS), Marjorie Mombrun (class of 2007) received years of leadership training and mentorship from the staff and Volunteers.  Six years later, her quiet determination to serve is still hard at work for the THP community – now as the Principal of LCS.


Man of Prayer

By Sunny-Dae Larson (Associate Director of Community Development)

Peter Ulrickson (THP Volunteer 2009-2010) with two of his students during guitar club in June 2010.

While discerning where he would do his year of service, Peter Ulrickson (THP Volunteer 2009-2010) knew that he wanted to accomplish to two things: to teach and to promote the faith.

“One activity that I took part in at LCS (Louverture Cleary School) was establishing a form and better structure for our Morning Prayer.  I worked with the community, and they proposed some great ideas.”  Ulrickson also served as sacristan, helping to set up for Mass at the school.


Embodying the Charism

By Thomas Cody (THP Volunteer)

Lucien Dossous (LCS Class of 2004) speaks with a Philo (senior+1) student about
the importance of The Haitian Project mission during a recent campus visit. 

Nou pare pou rebate Ayiti. (We are ready to rebuild Haiti.)  For 2004 Louverture Cleary School (LCS) graduate Lucien Dossous, the final line of La Louverturienne (the LCS school song) resonated loud and clear, ingraining itself in his heart and driving his future work.

Following the 2010 earthquake, Dossous co-founded a grassroots organization called ACSIS, an acronym in French which translates to Community Action for Solidarity and Social Intervention.  ACSIS seeks to aid children in orphanages, assist students in attending school and help with earthquake clean up through numerous initiatives, including a cash forward program.  In 2011 he began VERP, or the Economic Raise Program, which focuses on helping women start their own businesses through small loans.  In conjunction with VERP, Dossous and his organizations work to curb gender-based violence, specifically with the women of Camp Corail, a temporary housing project for persons displaced by the earthquake outside of Port au Prince [visit the THP Community Update archives at for a related story from May 2013].


Three Generations of THP

By Colby Bowker (THP VP and Chief Communications Officer)

Ed and Jan Mauro pictured with their daughter Diane Sullivan and her daughter Melissa.

The Haitian Project (THP) benefactors are not a fickle group; they are deeply committed to the mission and inspire the same in others.  In fact, THP benefactors often resemble loyal university alumni in terms of their sense of stewardship and devotion.  They make a long term commitment to providing young men and women in Haiti with the same opportunity that made a difference in their own lives – education.  The growing legacy of the Mauro family is a great example of this.


A New Benefactor

By HPN News Staff

The invitation to come speak at a parish provides a tremendous opportunity to share our mission and grow our community.  It helps us find new supporters and make connections with individuals who are looking to do more, either by offering their skills or making a long-term financial commitment.     

In August, THP President, Deacon Patrick Moynihan assisted and preached at Holy Rosary Church in Edmonds, WA. Frank Dulcich, President and CEO of Pacific Seafood Group, attended one of the Masses. Shortly thereafter, he joined the community of THP benefactors by making his first generous contribution. HPN reached out to Dulcich for a quick interview.


Volunteer View: Kristin Soukup & Student View: Lochard Laguerre

Volunteer Kristin Soukup helps Philo (senior+1) student Laguerre Lochard study economics.

Hello!  My name is Kristin Soukup and I am originally from Cedar Rapids, IA.  After studying mathematics and Spanish at the University of Notre Dame, with a couple of stints in Chile and in Ecuador, I realized that education and service abroad are my greatest passions.  They led me to commit to a year as a Volunteer upon my graduation.  My first few months here at Louverture Cleary School (LCS) have only confirmed my desire to work in education and my belief in its importance in any country, but especially in Haiti.  



I am Lochard J. Laguerre, a Philo (senior plus one) student at Louverture Cleary School (LCS).  I live in Pétionville in Port au Prince.  I first came to LCS for a specific reason: to learn English and Spanish.  During my first year, I realized a new reason, which is to help rebuild Haiti.  Before I came to Louverture Cleary I thought Haiti couldn’t change, but now I know that it’s possible if we work hard for it.  


Call to Action

By Timothy Scordato

State Representative Barb Wheeler receives flowers at the 2012 Big Get Together
in appreciation of her service to THP.

State Representative Barb Wheeler is a great example of someone who not only has the ears to hear, but the motivation to turn words into action.  Her service to The Haitian Project (THP) from St. Thomas the Apostle parish over the past two years has been nothing short of outstanding.