Easter People

Newsletter issue: 
April 2014
News item date: 
Wednesday, April 9, 2014

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan (THP President)

      Louverture Cleary School is constantly rising, making Easter easy to observe at LCS. Lent is harder.  With such vibrant, hopeful and gifted workers, it is tough to slow down and reflect that we will not always succeed by winning.  Sometimes, progress may require suffering, even losing. That sobering thought is tough for young people, who are full of hope, to consider. But, we cannot forget that it is by dying and rising that Christ paid our debt.  

      Our students are optimistic, willing to ensure that the salvific message has impact here and now--for everyone. The Gospel motivates them to spread its good news and to work to make it a reality for others. They know far too many children in Haiti do not have access to education; they want to change that forever. But, they realize that it will take time, policy changes and economic growth to make that happen.

      In the meantime, they are using their education to illuminate the way for others. They are a people on the rise; no wonder it is so easy to celebrate Easter at LCS