Ekòl Ankourajman

Ekòl Ankourajman, formerly known as Ti Ekòl, is an after-school literacy program for children and adults from the Santo area. LCS strives to bridge the education gap in Haiti by encouraging our students to share their gift of education with the greater neighborhood as a response to the overwhelming number of children lacking access to schooling.

This program at LCS was started 10 years ago by Christina Moynihan, wife of THP President Deacon Patrick Moynihan., to give dignity to others through education and relationship building. Inspired by a recent rebirth of the program, the name was changed to Ekòl Ankourajman, or Encouragement School, a place where students come to be supported by the LCS students who serve as their “encouragers.”

The program currently serves about 70 students for two hours each day, Monday through Thursday. With emphasis on building a classroom environment of caring and respect, students are taught through small group instruction, allowing for individualized lessons, undivided attention from tutors, and relationship building.  As a result, lessons vary by student and are as basic as pre-school level or as advanced as secondary-level tutoring.

Our students enthusiastically impart their knowledge to others through Ekòl Ankourajman, giving for free the same education that they have received for free at LCS. The program provides an excellent training ground for future educators who we hope will someday work to reform the education system in Haiti under a pledge of universal primary education.