Heart of the Project

Newsletter issue: 
June 2014
News item date: 
Friday, July 25, 2014

By Kaitlyn Guzik (Director of Community Development)


    The Haitian Project (THP) community has been blessed by the many and varied gifts its community brings to the table. As we are all one body with many parts (cf. I Cor 12:12-27), so all of the gifts received are vital to the success of the Project’s mission. In the body of THP, sisters Laurel Sherwood and Carolyn (Sherwood) Schuyler are certainly part of the heart.

    Their involvement has taken many forms over the years. From direct contributions, to Sherwood’s service on THP’s board and developing the layout of Haitian Project News, to Schuyler’s ongoing support of her husband, Kevin’s involvement, formerly as a board member and general advocate for the Project.

    Most recently, Sherwood and Schuyler decided to support the Project’s Rise capital campaign (see pg 2) through the endowment of a perpetual scholarship to support graduates of Louverture Cleary School (LCS) who elect to study education, psychology, or social work in university. Schuyler is a psychologist and social worker; Sherwood is a former teacher.

    The sisters chose to name the scholarship after THP’s Director of Community Development, Christina Moynihan. “Though these [vocations] are very close to our heart, we knew we should really point out Christina’s involvement. She has had a huge impact on so many women in Haiti who are doing all they can to raise children and do the best they can in their communities. Whoever receives it will know Christina and see her as a role model,” Schuyler explained.

    Christina moved to LCS with her husband, THP’s president, Deacon Patrick Moynihan in 1996. From the beginning, Christina has been an advocate for the women and children in the Santo neighborhood. Her initiative led to the founding of many of LCS’s community outreach programs. Sherwood noted, “I have always admired Christina for how she stood by Patrick and silently did so much… He couldn’t have achieved what he has without her – we wanted to pay tribute to that.”

    Deacon Moynihan commented, “Laurel and Carolyn and their families have been extremely supportive of our Project. Of course, I would like to take credit for the idea of naming a scholarship in Christina’s name to win some points; however, it was their perceptive understanding of the real work that Christina does in the neighborhood that inspired naming a scholarship to encourage our graduates to do similar work in Haiti.”

    Sherwood and Schuyler’s generosity will touch not only the lives of the recipients of the Christina Moynihan Scholarship, but also the scholars’ countless students, patients and clients. It is a tremendous gift with immeasurable impact.