Highlights December 2014

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December 2014
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Saturday, May 14, 2016
Let Them Play Ball: Maintenance staff, students and Volunteers had the great pleasure of removing the last temporary classrooms from the soccer field. They were constructed in 2010 after the earthquake caused structural damage to the Jean Jaques Dessalines classroom and dormitory building. Betsy Bowman, ’09-‘10 Volunteer and current THP Board Member, commented, “Of course they've been playing soccer on every flat surface of the campus in the intervening years, and it will take some time before the dust bowl back there grows grass again, but this is such a joyful moment! LCS at play is a beautiful sight to behold.”
Support Coast to Coast: St. Bernard Church in North Kingstown, RI and The Madeleine Parish in Portland, OR are each in their 15th year of supporting The Haitian Project. This November, the Made-leine commemorated its history of sup-port with a display in the parish hall. The same weekend, St. Bernard’s took up its annual collection to benefit THP. Thanking the community in North Kingstown, THP President, Deacon Patrick Moynihan noted, “As a missionary, I assure you that it is the strength of your home community that really counts. You cannot go far or do much for others without the support of those at home behind you.”
Giving Education, Freely: LCS added a new opportunity to its array of student service programs this fall. Each Tuesday and Thursday, students from the Philo (U.S. 13th grade) teach English to primary school students at Bon Samaritain in Port-au-Prince. Bon Samaritain serves children whose families cannot otherwise afford to pay for their primary school education. Philo student, Gucci Cheristin comment-ed, “It is a good thing we are doing. I hope that some of the students will have the opportunity to attend Louverture Cleary.” When LCS registration begins this spring, Bon Samaritain will send their top ten students for the LCS entrance exam.