June 2014

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June 2014
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

LCS Alumni: Fruitful and Multiplying

By Tara Kingsley (THP Volunteer

    On June 14th, the Class of 2014 donned the traditional tasseled caps and billowy robes as they became the 18th graduating class of Louverture Cleary School (LCS).  The forty-four students joined their fellow alumni in their joyful calling to be catalysts of change inHaiti. Their past seven years at LCS have prepared them well for this responsibility.

    Over the years, the Philo (U.S. senior +1) students have manifested the lessons, both academic and spiritual, of their LCS formation through their paricipation in countless work projects and service to their community. Realizing the charism of THP, the students learned that through working for the betterment of others, one inevitably betters oneself. THP President Deacon Patrick Moynihan attests, “We are all workers in the vineyard, but the Philo class are both workers and, at the same time, the precious fruit of our and their own labor.” Their work continues. The Philo students are eager to share the gifts they have cultivated at LCS and to continue to work in service to others.



More Hands on Deck: The Haitian Project’s (THP) Board of Directors convened in Providence, RI for their Annual Meeting on June 7th. The Board added David Finn [CT], Elizabeth Gilges [NY], Scott LeGrand [IL], Adam Osielski [DC], and Smith Vioselin [MA]. Patrick Brun [Haiti], former Chair, was also reelected after a hiatus. The six new members bring many unique gifts as well as a common belief in THP’s mission. The Annual Meeting also included a public presentation of THP’s 2013-2018 Strategic Plan, and an introduction of the Rise, Let Us Be on Our Way capital campaign. 



By Colby Bowker (VP of Communications)

Minel Lofficial
LCS 2005 Graduate, Administrative Officer at the Canadian Red Cross

   The Haitian Project (THP) community has risen to the distinct challenges of three capital campaigns, vital in establishing THP’s current physical infrastructure and financial stability.

   Now in its 28th year, the Project announces its fourth capital campaign, looking forward to an ever-exciting future built on a job well-done.


Alumni focus: Jeff Benoit

By Andrew Hyrcza (THP Volunteer)

2013 graduate Jess Benoit is excited to be back at LCS.

    Jeff Benoit, 2013 Louverture Cleary School (LCS) graduate, has found ways to return to LCS. Whether to celebrate the Moynihan’s 25th anniversary or help with basketball and soccer teams, Benoit always enjoys coming home.

    On one trip back, Benoit took a new look at the freshly re-painted motto on Claire Heureuse: “Nou pare poun reabti Ayiti, e ou?” (“We are ready to rebuild Haiti, are you?”) As an alumnus, he sees the quote’s relevance in a new light, “After you graduate you have something you ought to do. If you want to do something, go by the motto.” He added optimistically, “Every time I see an LCS student, I see change in Haiti.”


Big Support from the Bay

By Mary Jo LeGrand

Erin and Patrick McCorry (Volunteer '00-'01) with their son, Charlie.

    Patrick McCorry began his relationship with The Haitian Project (THP) as a Volunteer at Louverture Cleary School (LCS) in 2000-2001. A graduate of Notre Dame, McCorry brought to Haiti an excellent knowledge of French and a steady, calm demeanor, which served him well in his role as Lead Volunteer. Now, more than a decade later, McCorry wants to ensure that more students can benefit from the education that LCS provides.

    McCorry and his wife Erin, along with their two-year-old son, Charlie, live in Oakland, CA. While he is no longer teaching literary classics to students in an LCS classroom or leading his fellow volunteers by being the first one to pick up a shovel for a work project, Patrick is teaching and leading in new ways. He is using his current place in life for the good of others, namely, through his work at TripAdvisor and his serving on the Development Committee of the THP Board of Directors.


Heart of the Project

By Kaitlyn Guzik

    The Haitian Project (THP) community has been blessed by the many and varied gifts its community brings to the table. As we are all one body with many parts (cf. I Cor 12:12-27), so all of the gifts received are vital to the success of the Project’s mission. In the body of THP, sisters Laurel Sherwood and Carolyn (Sherwood) Schuyler are certainly part of the heart.

    Their involvement has taken many forms over the years. From direct contributions, to Sherwood’s service on THP’s board and developing the layout of Haitian Project News, to Schuyler’s ongoing support of her husband, Kevin’s involvement, formerly as a board member and general advocate for the Project. 


School Spotlight: Bishop Ireton


Volunteer and Student View: Rachel Thelen and Sylvie Charles-Pierre

Volunteer Rachel Thelen teaches Sylvie how to convert degrees to radians.


Sharing the Mission

By HPN Staff

John Donovan with recent mission trippers from Crystal Lake, IL.

    Thanks to the quiet generosity of Msgr. Dan Hermes, St. Thomas the Apostle parish in Crystal Lake, IL has supported The Haitian Project (THP) for nearly fifteen years. In 2011, when JoEllen Gregus, the parish’s Director of Evangelization and Adult Formation, was looking to help parishioners develop a greater awareness of the world outside Crystal Lake, Msgr. Hermes shared with her the parish’s history of support. Gregus reached out to THP, and it was evident that a visit to Louverture Cleary School (LCS) would help the parish deepen its existing relationship. Fr. Jerome Koutnik, a parochial vicar in the parish, has since visited Haiti annually and, with his unfailing passion, shared the good news of THP’s mission.


School Spotlight: Boylan