LCS Alumni: Fruitful and Multiplying

Newsletter issue: 
June 2014
News item date: 
Wednesday, June 4, 2014

By Tara Kingsley 


    On June 14th, the Class of 2014 donned the traditional tasseled caps and billowy robes as they became the 18th graduating class of Louverture Cleary School (LCS).  The forty-four students joined their fellow alumni in their joyful calling to be catalysts of change inHaiti. Their past seven years at LCS have prepared them well for this responsibility.

    Over the years, the Philo (U.S.senior +1) students have manifested the lessons, both academic and spiritual, of their LCS formation through their paricipation in countless work projects and service to their community. Realizing the charism of THP, the students learned that through working for the betterment of others, one inevitably betters oneself. THP President Deacon Patrick Moynihan attests, “We are all workers in the vineyard, but the Philo class are both workers and, at the same time, the precious fruit of our and their own labor.” Their work continues. The Philo students are eager to share the gifts they have cultivated at LCS and to continue to work in service to others.

    The Class of 2014 named their class Helios because they consider themselves as light that will shine inHaiti. Philo student Lovely Joseph proposed the class name, which she learned in her philosophy class. Lovely explains, “Each student in the promotion [graduating class] is a ray of light. Some of us can choose to bring light in the fields of education, medicine or business, but we need to bring light to every sector of Haiti.”

    In the LCS community, the Philo students spent their final year helping to implement a more efficient system of netwayaj (clean-up) on campus, promoting LCS’s language program by organizing a school-wide language competition, participating in a formal mentorship program with the Sizyèm (U.S. 7th grade) students and assuming leadership positions in their extracurricular activities. Under the supervision of Volunteer Kristin Soukup, two Philo students debuted LCS’s first student-directed theatrical performance with this spring’s production of Newsies. Soukup, who taught economics to the class, notes, “The Philo students have truly impressed me by their ability to relate their academic lessons to their experiences and interests outside of the classroom. I’ve most enjoyed witnessing each Philo student shining in his or her own niche, whether it be directing a play, leading a group in netwayaj, teaching the children from the neighborhood or mentoring the Sizyèm students.”

    The Philo students also represented LCS off-campus, most notably in the Fête des Philosophes (Philosophers Fest) hosted by the Youth Ministry of the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince. Principal Marjorie Mombrun (LCS class of 2007), who also attended the event, attests that, “With their formation at LCS, this year’s graduating class is exceptionally prepared for university and new experiences. I know they will continue to lead and serve others outside the school as they did while they were students.”

    As the students embark on their next phase as Louverturians, THP’s Office of External Affairs (OEA) will continue to support the graduates through job placement and, for some, tuition assistance. By 2015, THP aims to provide scholarships to 50% of each graduating class (see pg 2, “RISE” for more on the capital campaign).  As they continue to be nurtured by the OEA, the members of the Class of 2014 are ready to do their part to bring the Kingdom of God to earth.