LCS Alumnus: Donald Dulièpre

Newsletter issue: 
December 2014
News item date: 
Wednesday, November 19, 2014

By Connor Branham (THP Volunteer) 

Donald Dulièpre (LCS ’10) ranks first in his class at INUQUA. He plans on using his degree to start a business in Haiti.

    First in his class at Institut Universi-taire Quisqueya-Amerique (INUQUA) in Port-au-Prince, Donald Dulièpre (class of 2010) credits Louver-ture Cleary School for his success in university. Thanks to a scholarship from The Haitian Project’s Office of External Affairs, Dulièpre will complete his university studies in Business Management this academic year.
Dulièpre’s success comes as no surprise to those who knew him at LCS. Pointing to the foundation of compassion evident in Dulièpre’s actions as a Louver-turian, former classmate Myriam Rhode Jean-Baptiste observed, “Donald is a very kind and simple person. He is the kind of person who is friends with everyone.”
In his first year at INUQUA, Duliepre observed that he was better prepared than his classmates because of the management skills he learned as a “Monitor” in his Rheto (U.S. 12th grade) year and then as a “Guide” in his Philo (U.S. 13th grade) year. Guides and Monitors at LCS take on a special level of responsibility – leading the younger stu-dents in their dormitories and during netwayaj (campus cleanup). Jean-Baptiste recalled that Dulièpre went above and beyond, “He spent a lot of time helping children and younger stu-dents with their homework.”

Currently interning for a Haitian bank, Dulièpre says he looks forward to working in other endeavors that are not only financially successful, but will help other Haitians. He dreams to one day manage his own enterprise to develop Haiti and reflect the values he learned at LCS. According to Dulièpre, Haiti’s most pressing need is for those in leadership to be more in touch with the Haitian people and working for those in need.

In addition to his leadership ex-perience, Duliepre says the knowledge of four languages and computer science skills — both heavily emphasized at LCS — contributed greatly to his current success. Expressing his gratitude, Dulièpre commented, “LCS was the second life that I will never forget.”