Man of Prayer

Newsletter issue: 
December 2013
News item date: 
Tuesday, December 10, 2013

By Sunny-Dae Larson (Associate Director of Community Development)

Peter Ulrickson (THP Volunteer 2009-2010) with two of his students during guitar club in June 2010.

While discerning where he would do his year of service, Peter Ulrickson (THP Volunteer 2009-2010) knew that he wanted to accomplish to two things: to teach and to promote the faith.

“One activity that I took part in at LCS (Louverture Cleary School) was establishing a form and better structure for our Morning Prayer.  I worked with the community, and they proposed some great ideas.”  Ulrickson also served as sacristan, helping to set up for Mass at the school.

Deacon Patrick Moynihan, President of The Haitian Project (THP), specifically called upon Ulrickson to establish structure for the daily Morning Prayer.  Deacon Moynihan recalls, “Choosing Peter to set-up our Morning Prayer was as easy as sending Ray Allen in to shoot a much-needed three.  It was just what he did.  He is an excellent man of prayer.”

Since Ulrickson’s time at the school, daily prayer has continued to grow.  Each day at LCS is now framed by communal prayer and reflection. Last spring, the community added Evening Prayer to the schedule, following the pattern established by Ulrickson and drawn from the Liturgy of the Hours.

Ulrickson taught math to Sizyem students (U.S. 7th grade), religion to Katryem students (U.S. 9th grade), and led the LCS guitar club.  He also participated in post-earthquake cleanup, along with fellow Volunteer Jon Kennedy and Haitian staff members Patrick Faustin (LCS Director of Maintenance) and Angelo Salomon.  The team worked to recover documents and remove rubble from the National Cathedral in Port au Prince.  At St. Louis Gonzague, they helped to clear rubble from the school’s fallen perimeter wall so they could set up a temporary security fence.

During his Volunteer year, Peter was accepted into Notre Dame’s Graduate School where he currently is pursuing a PhD in mathematics.  Though Indiana is a long way from Haiti, he frequently thinks of LCS:  “I often think about listening to the students sing at night.  The softness of the evening, the darkness, the calm air, and their voices as they would sing and harmonize.  It was beautiful.”