A New Benefactor

Newsletter issue: 
December 2013
News item date: 
Thursday, December 19, 2013

By HPN News Staff

THP Board Member Kurt Daviscourt and his Pastor Fr. Kenneth Haydock

The invitation to come speak at a parish provides a tremendous opportunity to share our mission and grow our community.  It helps us find new supporters and make connections with individuals who are looking to do more, either by offering their skills or making a long-term financial commitment.     

In August, THP President, Deacon Patrick Moynihan assisted and preached at Holy Rosary Church in Edmonds, WA. Frank Dulcich, President and CEO of Pacific Seafood Group, attended one of the Masses. Shortly thereafter, he joined the community of THP benefactors by making his first generous contribution. HPN reached out to Dulcich for a quick interview and he kindly responded:

HPN:  What inspired you to give your first gift to The Haitian Project?

What inspired me was listening to Deacon Moynihan and his commitment to the people of Haiti and his work with The Haitian Project.

HPN: How has your faith guided your philanthropy? In other words, how does your philanthropy reflect your Catholic values?

My wife and I love to give to the less fortunate, especially children and single moms. In 1 John 3:17 the Lord calls us to see our brother in need and keep an open and giving heart to show God’s love.

HPN:  How has Catholic education made a difference in your life?

The formation in Catholic education by the Priests and Sisters who unselfishly gave their talents and lives to teach the faith in a disciplined approach provided me with the understanding of sacrifice. I owe a lot to the Priests, Sisters and Brothers at the University of Portland, Central Catholic High School, and St. Ignatius School [all in Portland, OR].

HPN:  What changes do you believe will help to build a better future for Haiti?

More emphasis on education, Christian formation and the elimination of corruption that has occurred over the years.