A Place of Advent

Newsletter issue: 
December 2014
News item date: 
Thursday, December 25, 2014

(THP President & Head of LCS)

The Magi foresaw the world’s entrance into a “moment of coming” with Jesus’ birth. Each year, we revisit that event to remind our-selves to be expectant. Having an advent attitude is critical to being a people of hope.

Louverture Cleary is a place of advent. Each year at graduation, our students’ faces are filled with expectation. They, like the Magi mid-journey, know there is something better coming. Filled with hope, they are ready to work until it does.

I can think of so many promising new beginnings birthed at LCS. There are children from the neighborhood, helped by our students in their early education, now in elementary school; the Junior Staff, newly graduated LCS students, just starting university.

As we join Christians around the world to take note of the promise of Jesus' birth, I pray you will re-commit yourself to supporting THP's mission of empowering young men and women willing to move Haiti into its own advent. Please continue your support and help us find new support as we embark on building a second school.