Preparation for the Mission

Newsletter issue: 
December 2014
News item date: 
Wednesday, December 17, 2014

By Kaitlyn Guzik (Director of Community Development)

Jerry Norestan (LCS ’14) is studying accounting at Haiti’s INUQUA thanks to a scholarship from the OEA.

    As part of its 2013-2018 strategic plan, The Haitian Project (THP) set the target for university scholarships for Louverture Cleary School graduates at 125. This makes it possible for THP to give roughly 50% of each gradu-ating class a scholarship. The class of 2014 was the first to see this benchmark met, and its members are already pursuing studies in a wide range of fields in-cluding accounting, education, business management, medicine, and law.

University scholarships are crucial to the success of THP’s mission to empower young Haitians to improve their country from within. Deacon Patrick Moynihan, President of THP and Head of LCS is adamant about the importance of university scholarships in THP’s mission. Calling scholarships the final step, Deacon Moynihan explained, “Ultimately, our graduates fulfill THP's mission through their contribution to the economic growth of their country and the strengthening of its social institutions. This is why the university scholarships are so important.”

It is the job of the Office for External Affairs (OEA) to administer the scholarships. Originally founded in 2009, the OEA has three primary objectives: to support LCS alumni with university scholarships, provide them with job search assistance and professional development, and to work with alumni and the local business community to encourage in-kind and financial support for LCS.

When it comes to supporting LCS graduates, OEA Director Jean Roger Polidor (class of ’07) takes a practical view of the matter, “As an institution, we are building students to be the builders of Haiti. If we have been working with those students, if we have spent all these resources on them, we shouldn’t abandon our investment.” Each Louverturian spends seven years at LCS, living in community and following a rigorous schedule during the week. They study four languages (English, Spanish, French and Kreyòl), religion, mathematics, computers, and sciences. Most importantly, they learn the value of discipline, community, and service according to the LCS motto of Mt 10:8, “What you receive for free, you must give for free.” Jerry Norestan (LCS ’14) is grateful for the continued support of THP through the OEA. In response to his coun-try’s needs and his aptitude for mathematics, Norestan enrolled in Haiti’s Institut Universitaire Quisqueya-Amérique (INUQUA) as an accounting major. “Louverture Cleary taught me to work independently and to take an interest in math. I am confident that my university studies will be a continuation of what I learned at LCS.” At LCS, Norestan proved to be a dedicated leader in the LCS Garden Club and in tutoring young children from the neighborhood.

Norestan is one of 90 LCS alumni who will benefit from a university scholarship provided by the OEA in the 2014-2015 academic year. As the Project continues its Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way capital campaign for mission stabilization, it seeks to establish an endow-ment of $1 million to support the OEA and ensure its ability to support graduates of the current LCS and those of future Louverture Clearys [THP plans to construct a second Louverture Cleary in another diocese of Haiti in the next three to five years].

If you or someone you know would like more information on how to support the OEA portion of THP’s RISE campaign, contact: