Newsletter issue: 
June 2014
News item date: 
Wednesday, June 11, 2014

By Colby Bowker (VP of Communications)

"The success of this campaign will not only provide more opportunities
to LCS graduates, it will be a step forward for Haiti. We are supporting
the young and talented leaders of tomorrow. I know that I am serving my 
country better today because of the opportunities I received from LCS."
Minel Lofficial
LCS 2005 Graduate, Administrative Officer at the Canadian Red Cross

The Haitian Project (THP) community has risen to the distinct challenges of three capital campaigns, vital in establishing THP’s current physical infrastructure and financial stability.

Now in its 28th year, the Project announces its fourth capital campaign, looking forward to an ever-exciting future built on a job well-done.

The current $2.9 million campaign for mission stabilization is named RISE, Let Us Be on Our Way, representative of the financial and physical completion of the Louverture Cleary School (LCS), which subsequently permits the building of a second LCS in Haiti.

"Only through education can we build a better Haiti where the Haitian people can be
protagonists in their own spiritual, social and cultural development. My experience
with LCS and [THP] makes me more certain that this is the way to renew the country."
Bishop Pierre Andre Dumas
Bishop of the Nippes Diocese, Haiti

RISE’s $2.9 million encompasses: $900,000 in the form of nine $100,000 named scholarships to bring the existing Post Graduate University Support Endowment to $1 million; $1 million toward doubling the General Endowment; and $1 million to create an endowment supporting the Office of External Affairs.

Thanks to the generosity of loyal donors and campaign leaders, the RISE campaign has already received $1,375,000, nearly 50 percent of the goal in gifts and pledges. "I am pleased, but not surprised the RISE campaign is off to a great start," said THP President Deacon Patrick Moynihan. "We had a great a response from our early donors right at the launch. For that, I want to especially thank long-time supporters, Charles and Joy Wharton, Joan and Paul Sorensen, John and Grace Murphy, the Mauro Family, and Brian Moynihan and Susan Berry, all of whom have made past campaigns a success."

RISE has nine active scholarships representing diverse cross sections of our community: general scholarships backed by current and former board members and their families; a medical scholarship backed by members of our medical community; a general scholarship backed by former Volunteers — and the list goes on.

An early board member and loyal donor of THP put forward a challenge-match gift of $250,000 to lead the goal of doubling the General Endowment.  Nearly $240,000 has already been received in response. “It is a big goal. We need everyone to pitch in to make this goal,” said Deacon Moynihan. “But history says they will. So, I am confident we will make it. There is no doubt that THP is on the RISE.”

"The LCS model brings a new perspective to the youth of Haiti.
. . . Graduates from LCS, more than graduates from any other school in Haiti,
will be instrumental in rebuilding the country."
Patrick Brun (left), Haitian Business Leader and THP Board Member,
pictured with Deacon Patrick Moynihan (right), THP President