Student View: Raphael Cooper Derrick Jr.

Newsletter issue: 
April 2014
News item date: 
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

By Raphael Cooper Derrick Jr. (LCS Student)

Volunteer Andrew Hyrcza teaches Twazyem (U.S. 10th grade) student
Raphael Cooper Derrick, Jr., as they work on a Microsoft Word tutorial together.

      My name is Raphael Cooper Derrick Junior and I am 16.  I would like to be a great leader of change in Haiti.  I am always thinking about a better way of living for people around me.  I really like living at LCS because it is a great opportunity.  It is important for me to have an education.

      I know that because of being a Louverturian, my life will not always be easy, but I am proud of being a Louverturian.  I always thank God for giving me the opportunity to grow as a leader of change for Haiti.

      At LCS, I help Sizyèm (U.S. 7th Grade) students with their homework, especially their English.  I enjoy helping the teachers.  I help with Koukouy Sen Kler (Fireflies of St. Clare early childhood development program) and with Ekòl Ankourjman (School of Encouragement after-school program for young adults).  This makes me a teacher, too.

      At LCS, I like when we clean up campus and I like the way they teach us to do many different jobs.  In the future, I want be part of an organization where I can help people who do not have money for school.  I want to help make homes, hospitals, and schools.  I hope to create work for students and other people who do not have jobs.  I also want to stop child slavery in Haiti and to help children to have love, education, hope, and faith because they do not always find it with their families.