Viewpoints: Amanda Haluga & Fedline Jeune

Newsletter issue: 
December 2014
News item date: 
Sunday, May 22, 2016

Volunteer Amanda Haluga (PC ’14) and a Senkyèm (U.S. 8th grade) student practice
English vocabulary.

Volunteer View: Amanda Haluga

    My name is Amanda Haluga. I grew up in Groton, CT, where Sacred Heart School and Parish instilled a love for service — and for Haiti — in me at a young age. Sacred Heart has a twin parish in Haiti. Having studied psychology and engaged in many forms of ministry and service at Providence College, I felt called to a year of service after graduation. It is serendipitous, to say the least, that I discovered the opportunity to become a Volunteer for The Haitian Project (THP).

This year, I am teaching English to the Senkyèm and Katryèm (U.S. 8th and 9th grade) classes and Religion to the Segond (U.S. 11th grade) class, subjects that I have loved studying throughout my education and enjoy sharing with my students. In addition, I teach Sport to several different classes.

During afternoon Play Hour, I can usually be found on the basketball court, coaching the boys’ varsity basket-ball team or coaching our reconstituted girls’ basketball team. I also lead Music Club, where students come to sing and play the guitar, piano and drums.

My experience as a Volunteer thus far has taught me countless lessons. I see the importance of education and work in a new light. At the heart of our community, for Volunteers, staff and students alike, is our Catholic mission: loving and serving in countless ways throughout the day and beginning and ending each day in shared prayer. With faith at the center of our life at LCS, we are given renewed energy, connectedness, and purpose in all that we do.

Each day as I teach, lead activities, and interact with these amazing students, staff, and Volunteers, I know there is something very special about the work that THP does. I know the lessons learned here have a lasting affect on each of us and on this country, bringing positive change for Haiti from this generation of “Louverturians.”


Student View: Fedline Jeune

    My name is Fedline Jeune. I am thirteen years old and I am in the Senkyèm (U.S. 8th grade) class at Louverture Cleary School. I have two brothers and one sister. I am joyful, friendly, and love to learn new things.

Education is a big deal for me and for my fellow students. When we grow up, we can find work and make a living and a difference using what we have learned. Not everyone has that opportunity. I am grateful that I do have the opportunity to learn four languages and other lessons to help me be successful in my life and to help to change Haiti however I can.

One of my favorite things about LCS is that we speak four languages every day. I am always trying to learn new vocabulary, especially in English. I also love living in this community, getting to know new people like the Volunteers, and finding and getting to know new friends. During play hour, I love to participate in Art Club. I especially like to paint pictures of my family or scenes from nature. I would like to join and take part in more clubs in the coming years.

I have many dreams for the future. I would like to be a flight attendant on an airplane, to meet all kinds of people from all over the world, a nurse, to help end the suffering of children, or a veterinarian, to help and show love to the animals that too many people mistreat. I am thankful to be at LCS and to receive this education, which will help me to become whatever I want to be.