Volunteer Application Process

THP is currently accepting applications for positions beginning August 2016.

To learn more about the Volunteer Program or to request an application please call 401-351-3624 or email development@haitianproject.org.

Once a completed application (including references) has been received, volunteer applicants will be contacted by a member of The Haitian Project staff.  Applicants may be asked to participate in 3 or more interviews before a determination is made.  This is to allow both the applicant and THP staff sufficient time & interaction to determine if a volunteer year for the applicant would be a mutually beneficial experience.  

Completed Applications must include:

  • Volunteer Application form with essay responses
  • Official copies of undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) transcripts sent directly from applicant’s college or university
  • A resume which includes the following:
    • Contact Information: Current and permanent.
    • Educational Background: List name of school, major/minor, degree and date.
    • Work Experience: Beginning with the most recent, list positions held, duties, dates, and employer.
    • Volunteer Experience: Beginning with the most recent, list positions held, duties, dates, and organization names.
    • Professional Credentials: List credentials area, level, dates, etc.
    • Additional Skills and Experiences: List any other relevant activities, talents, hobbies, areas of expertise, trainings, etc.
  • The Haitian Project’s (THP) four reference forms (Employer, Spiritual, Peer, General) with supporting comments. Family members of the applicant may not be used as references. 


Please contact us for more information or to request an application.
Phone: (401) 351-3624