Welcome (Back), Kaitlyn

Newsletter issue: 
April 2014
News item date: 
Thursday, April 17, 2014

By Colby Bowker (VP and Chief Communications Officer)

Kaitlyn Guzik, Director of Community Development, introduces Christina Moynihan,
LCS Director of Community Outreach, at a presentation for St. Margaret's school in Rumford, RI.


After serving a year as a Volunteer, followed by six months as the In-Country Coordinator for Community Development and Dean of Students, Kaitlyn Guzik has joined the U.S. staff as our new Director of Community Development.

Welcome back to Providence, and actually, welcome back to the Providence office.

True – It’s not my first time working in the office.  I volunteered in the office in 2010 during my senior year at Providence College (PC).


How did you find us?

I met Reese Grondin (former THP VP) and Pat Newell (THP Board Member) at PC’s 2010 fall career fair.  I remember taking the flier from Reese - it was purple - and reading the Volunteer description.  It aligned so perfectly with the values I had formed at PC, particularly the emphasis on Catholic social teaching.  I would have applied right then and there, but I already had a work commitment.  So, I volunteered to help out in the Providence office.


Deacon Moynihan has noted you came to THP with more than the usual amount of “applicable” work experience. 

I worked for Exploration Schools for five years before coming to THP.  They provide summer academic enrichment programs in New England.  I spent my summers during college working at their boarding program for high school students on the campus of Yale University.  I started in the supply room, later coordinated field trips for some 700 students and served as a summer administrator.  It required a lot of management and logistics.


Logistics and people management, that’s good experience to have for a THP staff member.

Absolutely.  At the end of the summer after I graduated, they offered me a full-time position as Assistant to the Head; so I spent two years in their offices near Boston where I was directly involved in the hiring of the summer staff and planning events.  It’s proved invaluable for recruiting and managing Volunteers, event planning and the kind of office management work I’m doing in Providence.


Deacon Moynihan has complimented your excellent work during your Volunteer year and then as Dean of Students in your second year, he is quite confident that you will work wonders with our various development activities.  What particular goals are you looking at?    

First goal is to grow THP’s base of supporters in preparation for adding additional schools.  For THP to be fruitful and multiply, we need our base of support to expand.  Specifically, I aim to renew parish involvement.  Traditionally, a lot of THP’s support base has come from our exposure to parishes.  Pope Francis’s call “to the streets” should help ignite new interest in helping the marginalized.