A Bit of Hard Work Before the Pomp

Top: Philo (U.S. Senior +1) students Frantzie Chouloute and Réno Laroche touch up the paint on an academic building; Rheto (U.S. 12th grade) students help the cooks prepare chicken while Philo and Rheto students sift rice for Saturday’s meal. Bottom: Philo students write the graduation speech in the four languages of LCS; Philo student Djim Guerrier paints the mural designed by the Class of 2014; THP President Deacon Patrick Moynihan and Director of Operations-Haiti Esther Paul work behind the scenes to prepare for Saturday’s graduation ceremony.

It's graduation week. The campus is a rush of students and paint; deliveries and set-ups. After a year of wear, the school puts back on its pretty face. 

It's amazing how fast this week comes each year. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was warning the "newly-arrived" Volunteers that the year would fly by quicker than they could imagine. And, bang, it has. 

Full disclosure: I am the Grinch in this annual drama. Due to my reputation, the staff has learned to go to Esther for permission for everything from the menu to the streamers. Lest there be a lot crying in LCS-ville. 

And, yes, on graduation day each year my heart does grow in size. This year with Christina taking my place for the President's speech--I am sure it will be bigger than ever before. 



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