Hodgepodge Collage

Here is something interesting: salmagundi is a synonym for hodgepodge. Which, if you, like me, did not know the word salmagundi before today, brings up another thought well-related to LCS: you learn something new every day

Enough on words. Today's update is about pictures. I hope you enjoy the collage below. I also hope these pictures inspire you to always keep us in mind.

From Top Left: 

Christina Moynihan, Director of Community Outreach and Kaitlyn Guzik, Director of Community Development share a presentation about LCS with students at St. Margaret’s School in Rumford, RI on Ash Wednesday. 

THP President, Deacon Patrick Moynihan assisted at Mass at West Point’s Most Holy Trinity Chapel with Most Reverend Thomas J. Broglio, Archbishop for the Military Services U.S.A. and chaplain, Reverend Major Kenneth Nielson.

LCS alumnus, Dr. Theony Deshommes (’02) and Marianna Moynihan accompanied Volunteers on a weekend retreat to the Belot, Haiti home of former THP board member, Patrick Brun (note: no other community members participated in horseback riding activities).

From Bottom Left: 

Katryèm (U.S. 9th grade) student, Jessica Augustin helps remove textbooks from the book depot in preparation for the next wall demolition and reconstruction.

Philo (U.S. senior +1) student, Chrislie Mircalie arranges textbooks from the depot on the library shelves.

Volunteers and Junior Staff members completed the repainting of the Palais (LCS administrative building) during the Carnival break. The whitewashing is in preparation for the repainting of the Flags of the Americas series, which reminds us that Haiti [Hispaniola] is the origin of the New World.

40th (plus) Time Around

The rock pile at LCS after being re-piled.

The pile, pictured above, is comprised of chunks of broken concrete and block from the cinderblock walls we have removed and replaced with solid-pour shear walls. Since the chunks in this pile are too big to fit in the shoot of the manually-powered rock crusher we have on campus, the large-chunk pile tends to persist a bit longer than the "small chunk" pile. It also requires re-piling from time to time. 

Upon participating in a re-piling, more than one guest visiting the school has asked, "What is the difference?" 

While re-piling this particular pile the other day, it occurred to me that Lent and rubble re-piling have something in common.

If we are not careful and attentive, we are likely to end up asking the question, "What's the difference?"

Send forth Your Spirit, and they shall be created, and You shall renew the face of the earth.

Left to right: Parents and prospective students assemble outside of LCS; Prospective students complete registration forms with the help of parents and siblings; Principal Marjorie Mombrun (LCS ’07) and administration staff complete the preliminary stage of registration by collecting the students’ paperwork. 

Early in the morning--like 4 AM early--a group of people form in the alley between the school's gate and the gate to our house.  The group is an even mixture of parents and children. They have come to register for the LCS entrance exam. 

They are hopeful and they are hope itself: Haiti's hope. 

Through word of mouth and announcements posted at local primary schools, children have heard about Louverture Cleary School and are here to sign up for the test. The administration office at LCS opens registration for ten days. It is a busy couple of weeks for our staff- 400 students will be signed up to take the exam by the end of this week. After the exam is given, students are chosen to go through the interview process based on their test scores.  At the end of it all, 400 students will be narrowed down to 60 and those 60 will become our incoming sizyèm (U.S. 7th grade) class for the academic year of 2014-2015.

These children will not just enter a school, they will enter a community in which they will be expected to not learn for themselves, but to succeed on behalf of their families, their futures, and their country.

It is your support that creates the opportunity for these children. We ask you to continue to support our shared mission of education through your prayers and donations. Please also help us to spread the good word by sharing this with a friend.



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