Taking Back the Field

It was an exciting end to the week as the maintenance crew, students, staff and Volunteers took down the final "soccer field classrooms" last Thursday. After four and a half years, the students were happy to have the soccer field back. 

Taking down the classrooms marks another significant accomplishment in the school's recovery from the impact of the earthquake. While I'm sure the students appreciate the seismic strengthening that we have done to the buildings as a community since the earthquake, I am even more confident that they are happy about getting the soccer field back.

I want to thank Marjorie Momburn [LCS Principal] and Kristin Soukup [Dean of Students] for their work on classroom utilization which allowed us to achieve this goal ahead of the construction of a new science building. 

Deacon Patrick Moynihan, President of THP/Head of LCS






Pass It On


Left: LCS students, Mirey Dimanche and Orlando Pierre (pictured right), work with neighbors from our Zone in Ekòl Ankourajman (left). Right: Raphaël Cooper, LCS Segond (U.S. 11th grade) student, prepares a French lesson during Ekòl Ankourajman.

Louverture Cleary's Ekòl Ankourajman is back in full swing. Originally conceived and developed by Christina Moynihan, Ekòl Ankourajman [School of Encouragement] invites children from the Santo neighborhood (zone) for tutoring from LCS students. Over 40 Louverture Cleary students participate in the program, witnessing to the LCS motto, "What you receive for free, you must give for free," (Matthew 10:8) by passing on their gift of education. The LCS students work with over 60 young men and women from the zone, helping with their lessons and encouraging them.

Odson François is in his third year supervising the program. Odson has also served with our Koukouy Sen Kler (Fireflies of Saint Clare) early childhood development program for younger residents of the zone. Here is his perspective on the significance of the program:

Ekòl Ankourajman helps our community--our zone--to move forward. It helps kids who are not enrolled in school get to a new level. It encourages kids who are in school to stay in school. The Louverturians encourage them to work hard and to do good things with their lives. They are providing a social service. 
Many of the children who come to our program have the idea that they are not important, that they do not have a place in society. But the Louverturians work with them and love them, and encourage them. At Ekòl Ankourajman, they learn that they have a place in society. 


Ekòl Ankourajman is just one of the many ways that a Louverture Cleary education can change a life, and through that life a thousand more.™ Thank you for your continued support of The Haitian Project's Louverture Cleary and its many service programs. Please help us to spread the good news by clicking below to share this with a friend.

The Source and Summit

Fr. Clouvice Hillaire celebrates Mass in honor of the new academic year at LCS.

The Administration at LCS was pleased to welcome local parish priest Fr. Clouvice Hillaire to campus this Tuesday to celebrate an all-school Mass in honor of the new academic year. It was Fr. Hillaire's first visit to LCS.

Katryèm (U.S. 9th grade) students Kerry Jean Louis and Maurice Romain were impressed by Fr. Hillaire's homily. Here is what they took away from the morning's service:

Kerry: Fr. Hillaire told us that we must pray always, even while we study. And that we must take our studies seriously because it will be good for everyone. He thanked the members of the Direction [school administration] for helping us to practice English and Spanish, as we did during the Mass. He said that if we practice these languages, we can have good economic and political relationships with countries that speak English and Spanish.
Romain: Yes, he said that when we learn English and Spanish, it will make it easier for us to find work. If we work hard at it now, we can become good, serious men and women. Because God gave us our reason and our judgement, we have to use them, no matter what we are doing - studying, working, anything! 
Kerry: He really encouraged us to work and not to fight, but to...strive! That is a good word. He told us to strive for what we want.

Left:Fr. Clouvice Hillaire celebrates the Blessed Sacrament at Tuesday's all-school Mass. Middle: The LCS choir, led by Principal Marjorie Mombrun (LCS '07), sings an offeratory hymn. Right: The children in Koukouy Sen Kler early-childhood development program receive a blessing.

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