Planes, Buses and Cars May Stop, but Not LCS

Today, you will likely hear that all has not gone well with the recent elections in Haiti. You may hear that American Airlines did not make its regular daily flights from Miami to Port au Prince--the airport was closed because AA and other personnel had difficulty getting to work. Tomorrow, you will likely read in the major US papers that our streets were burning and filled with crowds dissatisfied with the election results which were announced last night. But, for now, I would like you to know that, even in this chaotic moment, LCS continues on. 

See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil ... in fact, do good!



It has been quite a week and it is only Wednesday! Since last Friday, we won our first soccer game [more below on that], we celebrated two more Volunteer birthdays, the nation has had and disputed, at least by some, an election [more on that below as well] and we posted the first officially printed cholera prevention signs [not as good as ours, but more colorful] in the neighborhood, which thanks to God and human diligence, remains cholera free. 

The Show Must Go On and so must the turkey ...


We won! Moynihan Family/Staff 24 vs. Vols 12!  Most important, no injuries--well, except pride.

It was a great game--which got better when I had to leave [We were tied at that moment.] to attend to the turkey that had to be eviscerated [hacked in half for those with a stronger stomach] and cooked on our grill barbecue style after the gas for our regular stove ran out. I have to say that I was bit more concerned with food hygiene under the current circumstances--so the turkey was served Cajun style: a bit blackened.   

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