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Photos 1 and 2: Louverture Cleary School vs. St. Louis de Gonzague. Photo 3: LCS Alumni team with Coach Drislane, Deacon Patrick Moynihan and LCS Dean of Academics Marjorie Mombrum

LCS Ends Up Three Short

On Friday afternoon, we welcomed rival school Saint Louis de Gonzague (SLG) to our campus to compete in the last basketball game of the season for the LCS team. Throughout the season, this year’s basketball team has also played several games against the LCS alumni team, the most recent of which the students won. In the past, the SLG team has been fierce competition for our LCS team. The dozen or so players who came from SLG, an all-boys school of 1,000 students, formed an intimidating team, as many of their players were taller and bulkier than the members of the LCS team. The game turned out to be a very physical one, with fouls called on both teams, but LCS demonstrated true teamwork, persistence and sportsmanship until the very end.

The LCS team scored the first basket of the game and beat the opponent to double digits, ending the first eight-minute quarter with an eight-point lead and a score of 11-3. The LCS team maintained a three-point lead at the end of the second and third quarters, although the SLG team earned 11 points in the second quarter as a result of multiple LCS turnovers. Senior captain Jeff Benoit scored a few free throws at the end of the fourth quarter to keep the game close, but SLG triumphed in the last quarter, beating LCS 33-30. Nevertheless, LCS’s eight players exhibited huge progress from the earlier games of the season. Each LCS player employed technique and strategy to advance the team as a whole rather than selfishly rushing to the net to make a basket.

The game concluded four months of coaching for first-year Volunteer Edward Drislane, who advised his team from the sidelines during Friday’s game. Meghan Gregus, also a first-year Volunteer, served as one of the referees and remained professional and impartial throughout the game, despite several difficult calls. Sekond, Rheto and Philo students, who were permitted to stay for the afternoon, came to the game outfitted with trumpets and drums and cheered enthusiastically from the sidelines. The game was an impressive display of LCS community and a positive ending to the season for our basketball team regardless of the game being a loss.

As skillfully reported by Tara above, the game, although not a record book victory was most indeed an institutional victory.  It may seem a bit audacious to claim that a simple high school basketball game can be reported as a national event. However, in a country that struggles with many institutional factors, a game that starts on time and is played to its end in an organized manner is a reliable indicator of a brighter future for Haiti. 



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