When "Why" Is More Important Than "What"

Volunteer Tara Kingsley works with children enrolled in Koukouy Sen Kler, LCS's early childhood education program.

It matters what a person believes. It seems as though that goes without saying, but I have found that we have a tendency to stress the adage "actions speak louder than words" a bit too much.

Sometimes, overemphasizing the WHAT over the WHY can lead to “empty actions."  Children are keen observers when it comes to spying a perfunctorily or half-hearted action – we know this as parents. "You don't really care," scoffs a child who has been half-heard or half-heartedly assisted.

Like all of our Volunteers, Tara Kingsley is a great example of a person whose every action is full of what she believes:

I believe that it’s important to give for free what I have received for free, especially my education and experience. In applying to be a Volunteer, I wanted to serve the LCS community. In turn, the LCS community gives back to the people of the Zone (neighborhood). Koukouy Sen Kler, our early childhood education program, invites children from the neighborhood into our community to receive love, structure, and consistency – things most of them don’t necessarily find in their homes. Realizing how important it is for the students to have consistency and to work with someone who knows them and their abilities has been a big part of why I have decided to Volunteer for a second year. – Volunteer Tara Kingsley

We thank our Volunteers for responding to the needs of our community and our neighborhood with a full heart.



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