What We Do For Others

The best things we do in life are things we do for others. Support for this statement can be found in scripture, psychology and even economics texts. However, the best proof of this axiom is experience. It just feels right to help others. We can do the same act for ourselves, say make a meal, and it will be enjoyable, but that same simple act takes on so much more meaning when we make a meal for a person in need of a bit of help. Probably the first place we learn to do things for others is in our immediate family—this is one reason the family is such an important social building block. 

At LCS, "doing for others" is stressed in all aspects of the day. It is how we show appreciation for what we have been given; it is also how we show our love. I think the pictures above prove that.  Here is a quick description of what is happening in each one:

[Top left] Director of Community Outreach, Christina Moynihan [center], second-year Volunteer, Emily Marquet [fourth from the right] pose for a photo with student liaisons, Daëlle Edmond, Woodline Joseph, Nadine Certitude, Edline Monclair, and the members of Women’s Club. Women’s Club is a safe, supportive environment where women can share their joys and successes, express their frustrations and comfort each other.

[Top center] Sekond (sophomore) student Rosemarlie Merisier helps a student practice writing in THP’s Koukouy St Kler (Fireflies of St. Claire) program. Koukouy St. Kler provides early childhood education to area residents.

[Top right] Christina Moynihan discusses employment development opportunities with an LCS neighbor.

[Bottom left] Philo (senior) student, Vanessa Gaston, and Rheto (junior) student, Timothy Moynihan, dispose of roadside litter during Netwayaj Deyo (Outside Cleanup).

[Bottom center] Zone residents collect potable water for drinking, bathing and cooking from the LCS well.

[Bottom left] Rheto (junior) student Jean Roudy Abellard [left] helps a zone resident with his French homework in Ekol Ankourajman (Encouragement School), an after-school tutoring program for children and young adults from the zone. 


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