From Ruin, to Rubble, to...


Deacon Patrick Moynihan and Volunteer Andrew Hyrcza utilize the campus rock-crusher.

Around the LCS campus, seismic repairs continue to produce "rubble." This material cannot be used for much as it is. However, by crushing it, we can find several useful components, such as sand and smaller rocks. The act of manually crushing the rocks is not an easy job, but it does wonders for the upper body in addition to providing materials for various campus beautification projects. 

Lately we have used the recycled components in landscaping and non-load bearing construction projects. To date, we cannot use crushed rubble in new, load bearing construction. We are doing some testing to determine if it is possible to add some of the recycled material to replace aggregate in new construction, but it will take a lot of testing before that can happen.


A Gift of Technology

Thanks to the help and expertise of former Louverture Cleary staff member Bill Newton, LCS once again has a fully operational student computer lab. In late May, Bill traveled from Illinois and spent a week at our school refurbishing the lab and restoring it to its former glory and beyond. Students now have access to 18 computers, fully loaded with educational software to help propel them into future careers.

In Loving Memory

From top left:  Marie Gabrielle Pierre (’02), Ismael Gerlus (’08), Sabrina Louis Jeune (’08). From bottom left:  Berkely Pierre (’06), Ruth Alcenat (‘06), Gesline Laguerre (’09), Forde Marin (’98). Some of these pictures shared date back to 1998 as they were the students’ application photos for LCS.

As I participated in the process of gathering the photos for this memorial, I was touched by memories of recruiting a number of these alums. As soon as I saw Ruth's application picture from when she first entered LCS in 1998, memories flooded my mind and heart--bittersweet to be sure. What a joy to have known someone so wonderful, what a pity for us to have lost her so young. This is true for each of the seven LCS grads who perished in the quake.

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