Appearance is not everything, but it is something!

It is great to be back in Haiti as a family, a community and a mission!  We are a bit sad that Mikhaila (15) is not with us as she is starting her first year at Mary Baldwin College, a women's college in Staunton, VA with a special program for "high-school" skippers. In response to losing her roommate, Marianna (10) is vying for a place in the dorms among her Louverture Cleary classmates.

After working hard to fight our way out of the rubble, we are taking some time to spruce up the place for the starting school year.  It feels good to take a moment and focus on the aesthetics, having been properly focused for months on the basics and helping others out of tough situations. It is great to have such a big group of energized Volunteers and dedicated Haitian staff to tackle the task of putting on a pretty-face.

I want to thank you all for the generous response to our recent request for funds for the Renovation Campaign. I look forward to making a detailed report on our progress with this campaign to repair, remodel and reinforce our buildings and continue to build and rebuild houses---permanent houses--for our neighbors.

It Begins Again ...


Events of Saturday, June 27th

As Patrick Faustin and I leave the front gate to go review the week's progress on Madame Ellie's house, we are greeted by nearly seven hundred fifty people. Today is the entrance exam for the selection of the class of 2017.  350 applicants and their parents are quietly waiting to enter for the test. Before the year ends, another one begins. 

So many people ask about the selection of students, I thought it might be interesting to have a scene by scene of the day.  I have also asked John DiTillo (next year’s Lead Volunteer) to give his impressions on the day as a whole, from the point of view of seeing next year's work unfold before him.

Public Works


Recently, we had the opportunity while rebuilding our exterior wall on Santo 5 to put in place two cement benches for our neighborhood friends to use when they congregate in the evening to talk about the day. [Of late, the conversations are mostly about World Cup matches.] This was a chance to show ‘concretely’ our appreciation for our good neighbors. Public spaces for distinct purposes also add order and stability. An outdoor restaurateur has already taken advantage of the friendly new space.

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