An extra 100 meters to an 800 meter race



When I asked the amazing Volunteers of 2009-10 to consider extending their stay so we could continue the educational program for an extra month for the younger students, I knew that for most it would not be possible. Some had to get back to jobs and others to start professional degrees. Some knew they needed a break and time with family before returning next year. I was also conscious of the fact that I was adding 100 meters to an 800 meter race, not just asking the group to go the extra mile on an easy jog.

A Job Well Done


It may seem unseemly to have these two pictures juxtaposed. However, LCS is in a constant endeavor for a job well done, and that is exactly the thought that ran through my mind as I passed the incinerator in its pristine condition. Given the normal production of refuse by a community of over 400 students and staff, it is a daily struggle to keep the trash process in order. Success in this area is not a metaphor for what Haiti needs, but a direct, un-nuanced example. Finishing the year with a clean and orderly compost and incinerator area is a mark of a great year and is a credit to the Volunteers, staff and students.  

From Ruin, to Rubble, to...


Deacon Patrick Moynihan and Volunteer Andrew Hyrcza utilize the campus rock-crusher.

Around the LCS campus, seismic repairs continue to produce "rubble." This material cannot be used for much as it is. However, by crushing it, we can find several useful components, such as sand and smaller rocks. The act of manually crushing the rocks is not an easy job, but it does wonders for the upper body in addition to providing materials for various campus beautification projects. 

Lately we have used the recycled components in landscaping and non-load bearing construction projects. To date, we cannot use crushed rubble in new, load bearing construction. We are doing some testing to determine if it is possible to add some of the recycled material to replace aggregate in new construction, but it will take a lot of testing before that can happen.


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