Godspell: The Good News Hits LCS

Top: Volunteers Emily Marquet and Jessica Teater work with the Godspell cast. Bottom: LCS students perform during the dress rehearsal.

When it first hit the stage, the musical Godspell was a bit controversial. Now, with the psychedelic age a mere memory of our quickly aging baby boom generation, it is a high school theater mainstay – one that finally hit our stage at LCS. 

Personally, I find the music from Godspell helpful for reflection during Holy Week. We need to know both the man and the God who saved. I especially like the song Day by Day. I am not sure there is more a concise prayer than to see, love, follow our Lord more nearly, dearly and clearly. 

As you will read in the reflections below, the play was a great success. Here is what the cast had to say:

Godspell is such a strong ensemble piece that the actors were able to feel the LCS community reflected in the structure and rehearsal process of the play. First and foremost, that comes from the fact that LCS is a Catholic school and we strive to live according to the Gospels. Godspell’s script, of course, is based on the Gospel of Matthew. Second, this play is very low-maintenance. We don’t need props or lighting. The storytelling happens through the people and the relationships between them. While on-stage, the students are working in solidarity, just as they do in the LCS community. – Emily Marquet, THP Volunteer and Theater Director

Godspell is a group of students at LCS who are like a family, showing love and respect for one another through our performances. We always do our best to act with one another and support one another. I know that if I want Djim (playing Jesus) to do a better job, then I have to give him my best. – Kelly Jecob, Sekond (US 11th grade) student

At the Last Supper, Jesus told the disciples that he was giving his Body and Blood for them, and that they should remember His sacrifice. By performing Godspell, we're showing that we remember. This play nourishes our faith. . . . The cast is like a family. Every person is supportive and we're always going the extra mile, giving our best to each other. . . . And so we are always trying not only to do better, but to do our BEST. – Edline Montclair, Sekond (US 11th grade) student

This show is special for us because we are Christians and Christ calls us to tell others about His good works. That is what we do in this play. I am excited to perform because I will really be a disciple. – Josué Pierre, Sekond (US 11th grade) student

Special thanks to Volunteers Emily Marquet and Jessica Teater for all of their hard work.




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