Celebrations and Things to Celebrate


First, we can celebrate that all but one of our recent graduates passed the Baccalaureate--the national exam. The one student who has yet to pass performed well enough to take the re-test given directly following. Not all students who fail are given this option--most have to wait for a year. I am confident that our final student will pass, and we will have another 100% year.

We picked up a donation of Rhum from Barbancourt.  It will be used for our silent auction at The Haitian Project’s Annual Clambake event held in Providence.  Barbancourt Rhum is a 150 year old company and one of Haiti's proudest exports.  Locally, the company has opened employment opportunities to us and participates in EGI for Haiti, our sister program for economic development which provides entrepreneurial training for our business minded graduates. 

Going Green



There are several things that will have to change overtime for Haiti to escape the dire poverty that currently chokes it. One of those things is the environment.  For a country to attract investment, it has to be attractive. Insecurity, lack of law enforcement, and problems in the cadaster also block investment--but these obstacles ultimately require government action to change. On the other hand, environmental improvements, at the most basic level, can be accomplished by a small group of conscientious individuals and even an individual.  At LCS, we are working on many levels to make Haiti a greener place. Below you will read about three actions in this campaign from some of our staff and volunteers on campus.

LCS’s First AD

Maybe it is the influence of the Notre Dame Volunteers [who are a bit down this week with ND's performance Saturday] or just the fact that wherever there is a group of young people sport is likely to occur. Either way, there has always been a constant pressure to improve our physical education classes and sports teams at LCS.

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