Oh, The Places They'll Go!
A Here and There Graduation Celebration

When? Graduation Day: June 15, 2019
Louverture Cleary School, Santo 5 and a Place Near You!

You, your family, and your local community are most warmly welcome to help send the Louverture Cleary School (LCS) Class of 2019 on their way—into a future they will forge with their education, talent, and desire to freely give back what they have first been given.

Where have Louverture Cleary students come from?

They have come from families living in and near Port-au-Prince who cannot afford the minimal costs associated with public education and who desire education for their children. At Louverture Cleary School, they have received tuition-free, rigorous Catholic education steeped in the motto, “What you receive for free, you must give for free.” Matthew 10:8

Where will Louverture Cleary students go?

Class Flag Raising.JPG

Most will graduate to attend university in Haiti. They will study economics, medicine, education, business, law, agriculture, and other subjects that God has given them a desire to learn while at Louverture Cleary School. Some will enter the workforce and make a living for their families. All will set out to use what they have been given at LCS in a way that benefits not only themselves but, also, the people and nation entrusted to them. They will bring with them the culture of service, love, and responsibility that they have learned at LCS into whatever they do and wherever they go.

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Will you help us send them on their way?

Your support of The Haitian Project has provided for the education of the Louverture Cleary School Class of 2019. Will you join all THP supporters across the U.S. in celebrating their accomplishments?

Here’s how it works:

1) You provide a place (your home, parish, school gym, etc.) equipped with internet access.

2) Invite your friends, family, & fellow parishioners and plan a party for LCS. Provide a few simple refreshments (or do a cookie potluck!). THP will provide events of graduation for your guests to see! Coverage will include parts of the graduation ceremony, songs, speeches, and student/family interviews.

3) Invite guests to give a donation in honor of the Class of 2019 to further the mission of The Haitian Project.