Important Community Update: On the Recent Unrest in Haiti

Please take a moment to read this statement about the security situation in Haiti and what it means for us.

We provide and advocate for education as the most effective tool for transforming the entire environment of Haiti so that people can manifest their full potential, thrive, and build a better future for their country.

In a country where fewer than 5% of young people graduate high school and nearly 70% of college graduates leave the country, over 90% of our alumni are either studying or working in Haiti, earning on average 15 times the per-capita income of Haiti, supporting themselves and their families and giving back to their country. 

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, The Haitian Project is able to keep Louverture Cleary School tuition-free and provide scholarships for over 50% of our graduates to attend Haitian universities. Your support is paramount to our mission. 

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