About Our Volunteer Program

The role of foreign Volunteers at Louverture Cleary School is broad and affects many areas of community life



Primary responsibilities are in the classroom, teaching classes ranging from language and religion to laboratory science and computers.


Community life

It is perhaps outside the classroom where the volunteers make their greatest contributions. Their very presence gives witness to the philosophy of sacrifice for the sake of others that is so important to the Louverture Cleary community. Volunteers live at the school, allowing them to spend an incredible amount of time with the students.



Volunteers teach physical education and lead extra-curricular activities. Volunteers monitor four study hours per week, providing a valuable opportunity for students to have individual attention from their teachers.  It also gives the students, adolescents who live away from their families five days each week, sources of stable adult interaction. 


In LCS's work for the empowerment of its female students, Volunteers' continued support of our "Celebrate Women" program is invaluable.  Volunteers lead the students, both in empowerment groups to encourage strength in and outside the classroom, and in daily example.

The "Man Up" program encourages our male students to act courageously in the face of responsibility and challenges. The formation is provided in a male supportive atmosphere that is both gender positive and sensitive to male/female equality and partnership.




Each volunteer has personal responsibilities in different areas of the school: language program or other curriculums, work projects, community service programs, etc.


Volunteers are asked to assist in raising funds necessary for their support in Haiti. We help you in choosing how and when to go about this.  The support you raise helps cover the expense of your service and helps raise awareness about the Project and its work in Haiti.


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Volunteers receive one round-trip plane ticket to Haiti from their home city, living quarters at the school shared with other volunteers and Haitian staff, a monthly stipend of $300 US, a monthly food stipend of 1,000 Haitian Gourdes,  health insurance reimbursement up to $200 US each month and resettlement assistance of $300 US upon completion of service.