The Haitian Project through its support of Louverture Cleary Schools, a national network of tuition-free, Catholic, co-educational secondary boarding schools in Haiti, provides for the education of academically talented and motivated students from Haitian families who cannot afford the cost of their children’s education in order to maximize their potential and enable them to work toward building a Haiti where justice and peace thrive.



·       To support the secondary and post-secondary education of students of all faiths through an academically challenging program in a Catholic community rooted in service to others.

·       To increase access to quality education throughout the entire country of Haiti through a national system of ten Louverture Cleary Schools, one in each governmental department of Haiti.

·       To provide a robust community of one hundred Volunteer Teachers, reflecting the diversity of God’s children, who help ensure that each school community is formed in the charism of The Haitian Project.

·       To contribute to a culture that nurtures students intellectually, spiritually and physically, fostering in them a concern for the environment and global community through the direct contribution of the Volunteer Community and the consistent and meaningful involvement of the greater Haitian Project community.

·       To promote the advancement of women by supporting educational opportunities that encourage young women to continue their education and be role models for others.

·       To encourage in graduates of Louverture Cleary Schools the desire and the motivation to remain in Haiti and to work not only for self-improvement, but for the betterment of all Haitians.

·       To promote the development and enhancement of leadership qualities in students, preparing them to make social and economic contributions to their community and their country.

·       To promote career and post-secondary educational opportunities for students in Haiti, especially through the support of direct scholarships to at least half of each graduating class.

·       To collaborate with other agencies or religious organizations who are committed to similar ideals for Haiti.

·       To increase awareness in the United States of the current reality of the Haitian people, as well as their hope for the future.



The Haitian Project recognizes its unique history, culture and charism, and supports the Louverture Cleary Schools Network, a national system of ten cooperative schools, and the pursuit of economic and higher educational opportunities by its graduates. The Haitian Project and its charism are present to each school through a robust community of Volunteer Teachers and consistent involvement by its greater community of members.



In order to fulfill our mission, achieve our goals and implement our vision, we believe that

·       The Haitian Project is first and foremost a community of the lay Christian faithful including staff, volunteers, Directors and supporters, all of whom share in the commitment to participate fully and actively in the life of The Haitian Project.

·       Faith formation, that encourages a person to grow in a relationship with God and influences one’s service to others, is an essential component of The Haitian Project Community.

·       Respect for life, appreciation for the dignity and equality of all people, personal responsibility, commitment to others and responsible stewardship of resources are values that support the work of The Haitian Project Community.

·       Collaboration among many individuals and entities builds community, fosters inclusiveness, encourages diversity and advances society.

·       Servant Leadership, rooted in gospel values and authentic tradition of the Catholic Church, models the type of humility, compassion and leadership necessary for creating a world where justice and peace thrive.

·       The joyful celebration of community pervades the mission of The Haitian Project, especially in regards to the transformative nature of work done first and foremost for the benefit of others.

·       The Haitian Project recognizes the pursuit of justice and peace as gospel values which stand apart from partisan politics; therefore, we support a non-partisan approach to establishing justice and peace in Haiti.