About The Haitian Project

The Haitian Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is a Catholic Mission which supports and operates Louverture Cleary School (LCS), a tuition-free, Catholic, co-educational secondary boarding school for academically talented and motivated students from Haitian families who cannot afford the cost of their children’s education.

Imagine living in a place where...

  • A year's tuition for just one child, in public or private secondary school costs 25-40% of the average person's annual salary

  • Fewer than 5% of children graduate from high school

  • Nearly 70% of college graduates leave the country

At Louverture Cleary School...

  • Students receive a Haitian Ministry of Education-approved education, tuition-free

  • 98% of graduates pass the Baccalaureat, Haiti's national exam

  • Over 90% of graduates are employed or enrolled in university in Haiti

Louverture Cleary School at a Glance

  • Population: 350

  • Female: 52%  Male: 48%

  • Over 75% of graduates have a university degree

  • Over 95% of graduates are living in Haiti

  • 98% of students pass the national high school exam

  • Students graduate knowing 4 languages: French, English, Spanish, and Haitian Kreyòl

  • Students collectively conduct more than 1,500 hours of structured community service every week—that's more than 75,000 supervised hours each school year!

  • Students regularly transfer their knowledge to more than 200 children and adults in the community through after-school literacy programs

  • The campus is 100% solar power efficient! Many thanks to the schools all over the United States, especially Arlington, VA, that provided funding, along with the engineers who dedicated their time to installing the panels, for making this a reality at LCS.