THP Videos

Education Works, by internationally renowned message-maker Tad Devine, lays out The Haitian Project’s plan to build The Louverture Cleary Schools Network: a national network of ten tuition-free schools across Haiti.

Education Ends Poverty, by Academy Award nominated documentarian Austin Wideman, features alumni of Louverture Cleary School discussing how education changed their lives and can change their entire country.

Koukouy, which means “firefly” in Haitian Creole, highlights The Haitian Project’s early childhood development center which provides children from the neighborhood with early education, hot meals and a safe and encouraging environment—whilst keeping them united with their families and out of illegitimate orphanages.

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A Divine Mission, by Paul Franz and Lara Petusky Coger, highlights THP President Deacon Patrick Moynihan’s journey from commodities trader to missionary and the values that drive his work at Louverture Cleary School.

Secondaire 1 student Woovera shares his experience at Louverture Cleary School and how he plans to use his education in the future.