The Haitian Project, Inc.


LCS houses 360 students across 7 grades and graduates up to 60 students each year.

LCS houses 360 students across 7 grades and graduates up to 60 students each year.

Free Top-Notch Catholic Education in the Poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere

The Haitian Project (THP) through its support of Louverture Cleary School (LCS), a tuition-free, Catholic, co-educational secondary boarding school in Haiti, forms the future leaders of Haiti by providing a lifechanging education to academically gifted youth in Haiti who otherwise could not afford to attend school. THP is committed to the long-term success of Louverturians—our students—and of Haiti. Operating one of the largest university scholarship programs in the country, THP regularly supports over 100 graduates with university tuition in any given year.


An LCS education prepares Louverturians for success. The LCS culture prepares them to be leaders in rebuilding their country.

Students collectively conduct over 1,500 hours of structured community service each week within the campus and in the greater community through THP’s various community outreach programs. This is by design, living out the school’s motto of Matthew 10:8, “What you receive for free, you must give for free.”

- Work Hour / Netwayaj (clean-up): Louverturians carry out work projects like burning trash in the incinerator and planting trees during one two-period work hour each week, and clean the campus every day after school.

- Teaching: Louverturians mentor and teach in LCS’ Koukouy Sen Kle (Fireflies of Saint Clare) Early Childhood Development program where 60 local children aged 3-10 receive meals, school lessons and structured play time each day and in Ekòl Ankourajman, LCS’ afterschool literacy classes for over 70 children and adults in the neighborhood.

- Translating: Louverturians are fluent in four languages—Kreyòl, French, English and Spanish—and use these skills to translate for foreign doctors in local medical clinics.


Education First! It works.

THP is a vocal advocate for education as the most effective and transformative tool for ending poverty in Haiti and around the world. We see this affirmed by history—in countries like India, Ireland and the US—and in the work of some of the world’s most pre-eminent economists. Most importantly, we see it every day at LCS.


Louverture Cleary School: Poverty ends here.

In a country where just 3% of young people graduate high school and over 70% of college graduates leave the country, 90% of our alumni are either at university or working IN HAITI. LCS grads earn an average of 15 times the per capita income of Haiti.




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Your donation will allow us to continue to educate Haiti’s future leaders at LCS and support our efforts to realize our long term vision: A national network of 10 schools that fundamentally impacts Haiti’s ability to rebuild from within and changes the conversation about what works in Haiti—education!