Edwide Marcelin

Edwide Marcelin (LCS '06) has been very busy applying her talents and LCS education to her work in Human Resources at Sogebank, one of the largest and most successful banks in Haiti. While at LCS, Marcelin was considered an exceptional student and garnered enough admiration from the other students to be elected Super Monitor in Rheto class (U.S. grade 11), which made her one of the two leaders of the class.

Principal Marjorie Mombrun (LCS '07) recalls, “Edwide was a very talented student who participated in many extracurricular activities.” She was very active with Volunteers’ activities and sports clubs at LCS. Marielle Laprès (LCS '07) said, “She was well known throughout the school for being a good leader and a role model for others.” After she graduated in 2006, Marcelin was awarded an LCS scholarship to study at university.

After Marcelin completed an accounting degree at IHECI, a business school in Haiti, in four years, she took a junior accounting job at Haiti International Traders, where she worked for four years before moving to her current job at Sogebank. In her seven years at Sogebank, she has been responsible for distributing remuneration and benefits to employees. She also helps retired employees access their benefits from the company and helps current employees secure five-year car loans and proper car insurance. As one of the three most prominent banks in Haiti, Sogebank offers a full array of benefits, including mortgages, car loans, student loans, business loans, savings accounts and credit cards.

Marcelin credits LCS for instilling good values and reinforcing positive habits. She said, “Learning to live in community and learning to work together have really helped me adapt to any situation and succeed.” She could be referring to many of LCS’ community  outreach programs: work hour, the Koukouy Sen Kle early childhood education center, or the translation program. She said, “I will never forget my volunteer work with the sisters of Missionaries of Charity. Seeing all of those people suffering really made me appreciate what I have.” She has continued this work as an adult by volunteering with a cancer support group. This group helps provide emotional support to those battling cancer as well as financial support to those who cannot afford their treatment.

Development in the financial sector is essential for the growth of Haiti’s economy. Besides contributing to an essential industry, Marcelin exemplifies a Louverturian. She retains the values imparted at LCS, continues to support LCS and is actively supporting Haitian institutions with her career. She is all that we hope for in an alumnus.

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Learning to live in community and learning to work together have really helped me adapt to any situation and succeed.
— Edwide Marcelin, LCS Class of 2006