James Phillip Coqmard

After graduating from LCS in 2010, James Phillip Coqmard attended Quisqueya University, where he studied languages. Having finished his studies in linguistics, he recently returned to Quisqueya for law school. In both cases, his studies at Quisqueya have been made possible by THP’s scholarship program which consistently supports between 100 and 120 LCS graduates studying at universities in Haiti.

Coqmard hopes to finish law school by 2019. His interest mainly lies in criminal law. Based on his experience, he says that laws are both difficult to enforce and difficult for the common people to understand. Coqmard reports that there is a lot of injustice in the court system as a result of poorly prepared lawyers and even judges. Inspired to change this, he hopes to continue after law school to earn a master’s degree in criminal law.

While studying law, Coqmard also works with USAID. (It is the norm, rather than the exception that alumni work while studying in university.)  He started his position by completing an internship this past summer, which involved coordinating visits by engineers from different countries. After three months, he was offered a temporary position in the Human Resources Department.

Coqmard’s new position involves connecting the local community with USAID, and specifically, recruiting Haitian citizens for jobs at USAID. This involves taking a look at their credentials and giving English tests to see if they will be able to handle the work required. He is excited to move into this new job, since, as he said, “It is good to work for the good of Haiti by helping Haitians get jobs to enable them to take care of themselves.” The job is a lot of work and requires constant learning. He is very grateful for LCS and Quisqueya for the experience and knowledge that has helped him in law school and his current job.

It is good to work for the good of Haiti
by helping Haitians get jobs to enable them to take care of themselves.
— James Phillip Coqmard, LCS Class of 2010