Volunteer in Haiti

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The Program

Teach and lead community life at Louverture Cleary School in Haiti.

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The application

Find out what it takes to be a Volunteer at Louverture Cleary School and how to apply for the program.

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Hear from some of the great men and women who have Volunteered a year or more at Louverture Cleary School.


Volunteer in the U.S.

The Haitian Project is fortunate to have a wonderful collection of community members who volunteer for our organization around the U.S., and we can always use more! If you are interested in helping THP raise funds and grow our support community in your area, please fill out the form below and ask about joining a Regional Development Committee. 

If you are in the Rhode Island area, you can also volunteer in our local office by helping with a variety of tasks that keep the Project running at its best, from addressing envelopes to giving rides to baking for a local event. Indicate your interest(s) in the form below!

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