100% Perfect! Congratulations to the LCS Class of 2018!

Each year in Haiti, students in Katryèm (U.S. 9th grade), Rheto (U.S. 12th grade), and Philo (U.S. 12th grade +1) classes spend three days taking the Baccalaureate, Haiti’s state exam. Passing the test is the only way to proceed to the next grade or, for Philo students, to university. With a historical pass rate now reaching close to 99 percent, Louverture Cleary School (LCS) has long held a reputation for excellence in Haiti.

This last week, LCS received word from the Haitian Ministry of National Education that 100 percent of the Philo class of 2018 have passed the Baccalaureate Exam.  

The LCS Class of 2018 scored a perfect 100 percent on their Baccalaureate Exam.

The LCS Class of 2018 scored a perfect 100 percent on their Baccalaureate Exam.

For the Philo students, this means the enormous amount of energy they put into preparing for the exam has paid off, and they have achieved the requirement to attend university in Haiti. Through the LCS Office of External Affairs (OEA), THP is providing 50 percent of their class with a scholarship to university in Haiti. Working with partners in Haiti, the OEA will also ensure that those who are not awarded a scholarship directly are still able to find the support they need to go to university or begin their careers. 

LCS Principal Marjorie Mombrun is, of course, very pleased with this year’s Baccalaureate results: 

I am so proud that we continue to have such good results. It makes all the staff members proud because it shows that we are doing a good job. We are not just producing good students, but we are showing that the country of Haiti can change.  

The pass rate in LCS’s governmental region was 35 percent. The pass rate for the whole country was roughly 45 percent. When stacked against these statistics, it is clear that LCS does produce good students. However, like Mombrun indicates, LCS’s success means more than that. It is an indication that the country of Haiti is in need of more LCS education.