Happy Haitian Independence Day!

Students and staff at Louverture Cleary School assemble in front of the Haitian and American flags.

Students and staff at Louverture Cleary School assemble in front of the Haitian and American flags.

On January 1st, Haiti commemorates the declaration of independence from France that was made in 1804. The Haitian Revolution began in 1791 when slaves and some free people of color began a rebellion against French authority in what was then known as Saint-Domingue. The revolution made Haiti the only nation whose independence was gained as part of a successful slave rebellion. A prominent leader emerged during the rebellion, Toussaint Louverture, whose name is honored in the name of our own Louverture Cleary School.

January 1st. A day of Resolutions. Commitment. Thankfulness. 

It is also a special day in Haiti—Haitian Independence Day.

On today, Haitian Independence Day, we would like to thank our Community for your outstanding support of the school which bears the name of a hero of the Haitian Revolution—Louverture Cleary School (LCS). You are our heroes. We are proud to say that thanks to you, we have exceeded our goals for 2018! Your generosity has put The Haitian Project (THP) in the best position possible to secure the major philanthropic interest necessary to create The Louverture Cleary Schools Network!

January 1st —New Year’s Day— is also known traditionally as Commitment Day.

On January 1st, we start a fresh year, full of promise and possibility. In other words, Commitment Day is the ideal time to make a heartfelt pledge and see it through to the end. 

As we look back over 2018 and are filled with gratitude for everyone in our Community who has continued to support us in our efforts to increase access to education in Haiti, we at THP are making some pledges for Commitment Day:

  • We re-affirm our commitment to our LCS students to give them the best education possible, thereby giving our graduates the potential to lift themselves, their families, and their country out of poverty

  • We promise to continue to make paramount a culture of service at LCS, teaching our students to live by Matthew 10:8 (What you receive for free, you must give for free)

  • We pledge to give the best support to our alumni as they take confident steps down bright paths of opportunities, building a brighter future for Haiti in the process

  • We will continue our efforts to increase access to education throughout all of Haiti through our plans for The Louverture Cleary Schools Network

None of this would have been possible without your support and faith. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, we are making a difference for Haiti. And, if you can, enjoy a traditional bowl of pumpkin soup today to celebrate.

Bònn Ane et Bònn Fèt Lendepandans!

Happy New Year and Happy Independence Day!