3...2...1... Success!

Thanks to YOU, today The Haitian Project celebrates two milestones: the 32nd Opening Day of Louverture Cleary School AND surpassing our goal in the Countdown to Change Campaign!

Louverture Cleary School opened for its 32nd year of school this morning—on time— even with the current challenges in Haiti. We are proud of the courageous commitment of Haitians, some as young as 11, to make this happen.

While today the banks were closed in Port-au-Prince and the streets impassable for most children to make it to school, our staff, students, and student families represent what Haitians really want: peace, prosperity, and access to education.

LCS students sing the school song—The Louverturian—on the opening day of school.

LCS students sing the school song—The Louverturian—on the opening day of school.

3...2...1... the Countdown to Change Campaign is a great success!

Not only did THP reach our donor goal before the start of the new school year—120 donations in 30 days—we exceeded the goal by over 10 percent! Thank you to everyone who made this happen!

Given the current challenges in Haiti, your prayers and financial support are a tremendous help. Although the Countdown is officially over, it is never too late to support your favorite fundraiser and the transformative power of education! Follow the links below to support their campaigns!

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To keep the energy going, we will be sending a bag of delicious Rebo® Haitian coffee to the 120th donor AND to every 10th donor after we pass that goal—plus one lucky random donor from early in the campaign!